What would you like to see in a team deathmatch gamemode?

As the title states what would you like to see in a team deathmatch gamemode.

It doesn’t have to be like the feeling of CoD TDM where you just shoot people objectives could also be integrated if done correctly (I think)

As for progess I currently have a little things I like but I don’t think im the average player (cause I don’t like TTT, Prophunt and Murder (weeh I like DarkRP) )

I have a xp system with upgrades.
You can buy a little more “run time” which is known as Stamina.
I don’t want to unbalance it heavy so if you have maxed Stamina (lvl 10) you will be able to run like 0.3 seconds more in a full sprint than other people.
A round system with 5min/100 kills to the end.
I have a HUD switcher, Scoreboard switcher and menu switcher (basically you get to choose from certain premade designs and you choose which of them you wan’t to see)
With menu switcher I mean nearly every menu in the gamemode.
I have a HUD which is inspired by a image I saw like a half year or something ago.

Yes the armor in the picture below is wrong by 1 pixel in width in the trapezoid I fixed that.

Well if you don’t like the HUD (I do but its big thats on purpose the sketch I remeber it from I think the health bar was even larger) you could always use the HUD switcher to use a smaller HUD.
I wish I could show more but I actually only wants feedback and I can’t code extremely often as I have no PC as it broke (laptop it was 4 years old anyway). I expect to buy a Surface Pro 2 around 16. March so I will be able to develop a lot more :smiley:

Post your feedback/suggestions/tips below.
Thanks in forward

An emphasis on teamwork and strategy more than run and gun.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Not an exp system

Well where is the progessing then?

About teamwork instead of run and gun any ideas how to retrieve that?

is progression needed?

Idea: If two or more teammates are close their max health/regen will increase (or other sort of buff). This is only to increase their chances of survival, without making them overpowered. This should encourage teamwork.
Also, is the scoreboard going to be based on k/d or total score (kills+assists+others) ?

Also no weapon should be better than the other. All in balance.

Im not making the next Call of Duty!

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Well you need a objective.
Maybe not in the gameplay but just in general.
You will level up and level up skills and stuff however I don’t wanna out balance it 2 hard.
Therefore you cant buy weapons in a weapon shop etc you can just choose which to spawn with.

Not so much this as a clever balance system ie gun A is beat out by gun B and gun B is beat by gun c and gun C is beat by gun A

Rock paper scissors? :v:

That’s called giving everyone the same thing with a different colour and that makes life boring. Is better in TDM to balance stats for weapons out, for example.

A long ranged, high powered rifle is very powerful and quite accurate however heavy recoil means that the weapon is relatively balanced, maybe add bolt action.

Whereas everyone running around with just assault rifles that all do the same damage, same amount of recoil and same bullet spread and different models is dumb…

In my opinion there already are too many games and mods with too much different weapons and strategy gamemodes. So a really great fun run and gun tdm is what I prefer, a bit like quake maybe. Keeps it fast and fun. And no unlocks, ever.

Unlocks is progressing.
Progressing makes player come back.
I played on a gun and run server all to do was drive a car, shoot and level up which gave you new weapons
I came back cause I wanted to try new weapons etc.
In my opinion progressing is needed. It doesn’t have to be xp/money just something with influence.

If you had everything unlocked at the start I did try them all and I had nothing to gain while playing.
Also I think I’m going for FA:S 2 as the weapon pack.
I post a picture of the winner screen tomorrow.

That’s what I meant, something like in TF2.

A little progress. The menu needs a little more spacing but I don’t have time for it.

Rectangle HUD.

Any ideas how to encourage teamwork?

Could use CSS or CSGO as inspiration. Hmm maybe specific load outs? Such as Assault, Marksmen, etc.
(I know sounds like BF4 or CoD but these are actual positions In a real squad)

I could make classes.

However with classes I can choose 2 things I might want.

  1. Some classes can have certain weapons
  2. All classes can have all weapons but the classes will have some kind of “special” ability like medic (dunno yet) could have something that could heal people and that would encourage teamwork.

Disagree = 1
Agree = 2

You could do special rounds or have objectives, i.e capture the flag or protect a certain player