What would you like to see in a Trouble In Terrorist Town server?

I’d like to see less custom shit, that’s it.
I feel like there’s no need to add 30+ custom weapons, cosmetics shops and all this kind of things, what about you facepunch?

Sadly the majority of players on Garry’s Mod don’t think this way. I always get complaints about not enough player models in my shop even though I’ve said I don’t have any due to keeping the download time down.

i played on a server with a max karma of 5k, and it never reset when changing maps, so you could tell who were good players and such. I dont mind point shops as long as you are generous with the points to acquire the items (also please no donator ranks/exclusive items)

I like custom weapons if they’re unique and fun. TTT really shouldn’t have cosmetics, it messes with some of the original gamemode design.

I want to see a server which doesn’t take me an hour to download with 1000+ addons that I don’t care for.

Other than being unique and fun custom weapons should be, let’s say, pertinent, to the game mode itself.
I can’t imagine a terrorist running around and trying to kill people with a dildo or stuff like that.
Another thing that I would love to see on more server are custom detective weapons, there’s a huge lack of them, and most of the time the ones available aren’t nearly as fun as the traitor ones.

I do agree, but it’s much harder to come up with some that aren’t just guns. Though not impossible, like here’s a couple just off the top of my head.

Death alarm you could place on a friendly player, and when he dies it would play a noise and print out in chat where he died. Eg. on the clue map “X has died in the kitchen!”, would probably take little map fiddling though.

And chemical implant is something you could place on somebody you don’t really trust, but can’t justify shooting, it’d take like 5 - 10 seconds to put on them, and when you turn it on it deals 3 damage a second to the person with it until he dies, so if it turns out that guy is actually a traitor you can kill him remotely pretty much. But if there’s only a couple innocents left, the traitor still has a chance to win if he can kill fast enough.

have events once a day/week

for example, everyone is the 1337 KREW model. Or maybe gravity’s low. After all, TTT is kind of whimsical.