What would you like to see in RP?

I want to see a server that has players rping properly, like a cafe owner opening his cafe for the first time, or bank robbers planning out a robbery, then taking a hostage. Civilians getting involved in car crashes, and houses setting on fire.


Don’t ban me with the reason crap thread, that is not a good reason

I’m thinking about setting up a new RP, something that haven’t been done before: Military RP.

I means there’s loads of models for it here on FP and scripts are plentyful.
Was thinking it should be theme on the Afghan war. With 2-3 Main “factions”. The NATO, The Taliban of course and maybe a third Faction that i haven’t decided on. Players can be anything they want with NO preset jobs but with titles. Like, NATO SOLDIER or TALIBAN WARRIOR or whatever.

Only problem i see is the map, anyone know a good map for this? And if all else fails, i could probably set up some nice Post-apoc Military stuff.

Server would be strict, with good admins and NO MINGES. But not so strict as to not allow proper RP’ers to do controversial stuff. In any case i’ll probably be looking for admins and people to start it up with soon. I can edit cakescript myself since that’s easy but i dunno about a dedicated server yet though… Hmmr…

So basically, you took my RP idea, and are now using it as your own. Don’t say no one ever did this, because I was the one who had that idea but refuse to put it up at the moment.

I have no idea who you are, or have heard about your idea, so i couldn’t possibly have ‘stolen’ your idea.
If you don’t have a reasonless grudge against me i’d say we could work together…

Of course I have no grudge against you, the only problem is that I was using a terrible script at the time, I’m using a better one now, but it’s running hl2rp.

Everything he said.

Don’t want to see that, ever.


B/c then I’m most likely in a DRP server, but I doubt they’re smart enough to even do any of those things.