What would you look for in a Darkrp server?

Hello there everybody. My friends and I has been trying to start up an rp server. After some debate it was decided that it would be darkrp. Now I know the community is split on this game mode but I hope we can have a mature discussion in this matter. While we have a general direction we would like to go in we would like some community input of what we should put in the server. Some questions include…

Maps- We are leaning towards rp_townsend V1p but we are also considering Rpw_downtown v2

Weapons- My friends and I have been deadlocked between Css Realistic weapons, Kermites, and Mad Cow’s weapon packs.

Addons- We will have wire and phx and a fading door stool but we don’t know what else to add. So any suggestions are helpful

 Or anything else you can think of that would make this server more enjoyable. When we finally start it up I will post about it in the appropriate section

I also have a DarkRP server and I have to say its pretty hard to meet people expectations and get people to join daily.First I think you should give more info about the server actually I need to know how many slots you are planning to have and then we recommend you a map.

Thinks I can recommend now
[li]The guns are really your choise what you enjoy more,but I wouldnt recommend Kermittes since those packs are really big(but there are have custom models)[/li][li]Addons you should use some basic building tools like stacker,easy precision,weight stool,also door Stool is a must for a darkRP server[/li][li]On darkRP server administration is a big thing because there are a lot of abusers.Make sure you add admins from a wide range of locations and admins that really see the way you do.[/li][li]Please dont copy paste those shitty jobs you find in gmod.com .Think of jobs with meaning behind them.[/ul][/li]
Friendly advice:If you want a good darkRP server be prepared it needs a lot of work,if you are not planning on working on it i suggest not to try it

Suggestion: Dont put useless jobs like “Garbage Cleaner” or “GOD”

  1. Why is there phx and shit like that for a Darkrp server?

  2. Have useful admins who you know you can trust.

  3. Have a ToolTrust kind of thing. You need the admins tags to be able to pick up and work on other people’s shit.

  4. Make sure you can actually RP instead of the server just becoming a huge RDM fest.

  5. If you’re thinking of becoming big, get a forums! You need these to discuss about what to do and shit. VERY important if you have an actually good RP server.

To spjohny: we are looking at around the 20 mark since our server isn’t the best and I agree about kermite’s (I’m personally rooting for mad cow’s weapons)

To Dino: I got that under control. Sort of funny that you mention that because one of my friends wanted a clown class

To The state trooper:
1: Me and many other people that I know use it for building fancy contraptions for more advanced storefronts and interesting security systems

2: We got more then enough trusted administrators

3: I agree I will take that up to the others

4: Trust me I hate RDM as much as the next guy

5: Another one of my friends is looking into forums but thanks for the advice

No dumb classes. All you need are the government classes, and ones that sell items. If it doesn’t sell anything special, it can be done as citizen.

A vote kick option. When the admins are having tea, there should be a second defence or maybe a ban option that only lasts a couple hours.

The question is how abused would it be?