What Would you Really Want to See in an RP Map?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about putting together a new RP map, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I started getting into MS Paint and putting together a blueprint when I figured that it would be a better to simply ask YOU guys what you would really like to see in an RP map.

Things like needed shops, houses, etc. How big do you like the towns to be? How much open space?

Please, give me all your ideas or suggestions concerning what you’d like to see!

Maybe something different than all the other RP aps? maybe you could have natural disasters that happen, so people like scientists can look at earthquakes.

There’s way too many RP maps like that nowadays. We really don’t need any more. What we DO need are more RP maps that revolutionize the map, such as adding a story etc.

What we should do is organize a map, with mappers who rp and with great rpers giving input.

I’d be willing to do that… It would be cool to have some people meet up on XFire or MSN and brainstorm ideas…

If you’re interested, say something!

Multiple cities. Towns. Immenseness…
Well, I am not sure, I started rping on tribes 2. I remember building entire cities with the construction reworking of it. Well, I bet big maps and multiple cities could be done with some effort.

I rp and map. I have been working on a map with a couple of new things, nothing exactly to dance about though.

Maybe a rp map in space, where you can teleport down to the planet, and walk about a ship and such. Bit crazy.
Now whats more crazy, I dreamed about the wild west, I was a sheriff then a libarian, but, it was in a small town and no technology like today shouldent people know. But is something that could be looked into, revolver, horses, carts no gravity gun, spas12 and such. Would need a western models but really better for a mod.

Maybe a rp centred around being a rebel, with npc combines and such, and you can go to a battle and such, and the base in the sewers or somewhere, and random events like combines attack and send manhacks down the pipes.
Possibly if you’re a combine, after you die you respawn a rebel, after you die you’re a combine again.
But besides that I can’t really think of anything revolutionary.
Maybe if someone wanted to, set up a group and people join in to make parts of a map, like a house or layout etc then it’s all put together and people help out with how to do things here and there. Like a knowledge community.

I like the old western idea… I think it would be fun. Having little show downs, and people watching. :stuck_out_tongue:

My map should have that.

Would be cool with domes and small comunity or something. Zero gravity domes aswell and a huge battle arena. If only something like out of Final fantasy, the big water arena could be made.

I’m pretty interested in that idea! I’m working on an rp map that’s going to have a wrestling arena in it where there’s a betting counter and the competitors throw chairs at eachother :P. I’m almost half done it so we might be able to use it in the map if we made it.

I have a ton of ideas! :smiley:
One of the thing I love about RP maps is that they are incredibly detailed. They are also the most difficult and complex type of maps, almost always well-deserving of praise when completed. Especially kijkduin, with the bank and the subway, and two different parts of the city.

-One of the keys to successful rp maps is keeping the players busy while giving them a choice of what to be busy with.

-Time cycle. One day is 24 real minutes, one real minute counts as one hour, one real second counts as one minute. The city may have a clock tower too. It could also be the bell tower, with an env_sound. Optional, as unreallistic and cartoonish as it sounds, it could be possible to pause the time cycle by lodging objects in the clock mechanism. The light does not have to change gradually, can have two or four modes: day, night, dawn, dusk. Day would be safe because visibility is high. Night would be more dangerous because it is more difficult to catch criminals.

-Powerplant. Should have a reactor, a reactor switch in a control room, and maybe some automatic alarms with tripwires. Reactor is a prop that can be destroyed but will respawn in X minutes. When either the reactor switch is turned off or the reactor is destroyed (but before it respawns) all the lights in the city are off. (unless it’s day and the sun is out) Control room has a window to the reactor. When reactor is on, the heavy door would be closed, with no way of opening it from the inside. When the reactor is on with a player inside, (whether the reactor is intact or not) a brush-based trigger_hurt (radiation type) slowly kills the player, while his geiger counter is going off and making him panic and jump around like crazy for your entertainment. That will be a great way to kill anyone who turns power off and is clumsy enough to get caught.

-Shops, general. High-security shops (gun shops, banks, auto shops, etc) should have an airlock for the merchandise to go through so thieves are unable to rob them. They could also have a tiny window, tiny so the customer cannot shoot through it if the shopkeeper is not in front of it, at eye level, so the customer can pay the owner for whatever he buys without the risk of getting shot. Low-security shops (prop shops, pharmacies, etc) should have an alarm button under the table that triggers an alarm and enables a forcefield between the shopkeeper’s area and the customer’s area.

-Prop shop. These are essential to anyone trying to make something. Should sell assorted wooden boards, small and medium commonly-used props, the tool gun, sawblades, paint cans, boxes, and maybe brush-based briefcases that open and close.

-Pharmacy. Breakable bottles, health vials, and watermelons should be available. Would be convenient if it sold drugs like in my RolePlay Item Menu.

-Warehouse or Junkyard. Sells large props, also has a recycling pit (with guard rails on sides, lava on bottom) and recycling truck. Recycling pit is actually a remover. “Recycle to reduce lag and pollution!”

-Gun shop. Sells guns and Counter-Strike SWEPs.

-Auto factory. Can have a prop_dynamic sequence (visible to customer and person in control room, not rendered on the rest of the map) that fakes the creation of a car by a bunch of robots on the production line. The real car spawns on an enclosed conveyor belt where the fake prop_dynamic-based frame appears to go into. The control room should offer a variety of GMOW cars.

-Generic buildings. Municipal apartment buildings with individual apartment doors for every apartment and every apartment bathroom, one respawnable breakable glass window per apartment, and plumbing. Nothing more. Apartment stairways don’t even have to have glass windows. First floor may have low-security shops or business offices, where players may sell services instead of props. These may be near the center of the city, around city square or city hall, because they look cool, not to mention being great for covert surveilence, pm-based operations coordination, etc. It would be convenient if they had roof access, as long as mp_falldamage=1.

-Houses. Have doors and one-way windows to conserve map space. No built-in furniture. They should be on the edges of the map because they are eyesores, more often than not.

-Furniture and electronics shops. Sell furniture and electronics for houses. They could sell telephones - with one huge emergency-call button that emit an alarm sound with a great range to alert the police.

-Police station. Has a prisoner drop pit instead of a door to drop the prisoner into the prison area, through a toggle-able weapon stripper field. Containment areas would be on the first floor, with police catwalks and control rooms on the second, overseeing the first. The prison could have a few things to keep the prisoners entertained. Escape routes are optional as long as the chance of success depends on the prisoner’s intelligence and cunning.

-TV station. Has an rt_camera prop, mounted inside a news van. Transmitts to televisions which may be acquired in electronics shops.

-Sky ceiling. Must be taller than the highest rooftop.

-Water. This is not a critical component, be it in a lake, river, canal, or sewer. Useful for bridges and toll bridges. More useful if people receive drowning damage while inside, so people actually use bridges. If there are rivers, make sure there is current or it is impossible to make a raft.

-Public transportation. A train that goes in a loop, connecting two or more far sides of the city. Passenger trains (or trams, or subways) should go fast and be automatic. Cargo trains should go slowly and require an engineer, and perferably sized for transporting open cargo containers and other vehicles. These must be more convenient than cars.

-Bridges over rivers. They look cool, but even cooler if they are drawbridges or if they collapse once their supports are destroyed by explosives.

-River ferries. A func_train entity on water. Transport cars accross a river.

-Abandoned regions. Old buildings with no door locks and away from anything interesting, all low-budget, perferably all behind doors to reduce lag elsewhere on the map. Good for rebel bases and drug dealing and stuff.

-Roads - should not be too open, should be between buildings and sidewalks and go through tunnels, etc. An American freeway or German autobahn would be convenient.

-Localization. There may be several regions of one city, perhaps separated by impassible mountains, with a tunnel going through. However, each one should be significant, except for abandoned regions. There should be absolutely no location that monopolizes all the players. The only central location should include the city hall, maybe a square with a fountain or a roundabout, and a bunch of large municipal buildings.

-Mayor office. There are mayors, but no offices for them. The office could have lock-all-doors and unlock-all-doors buttons, so people have to buy buildings before they can go inside.

-Bunkers. When the admin hits the nuke button, this would make more sence than to crouch and hide under a table. This should be the only place the “nuke” does not affect. Door should look cool.

Whoa, all of those are good, except nuke button.

Nuke button is already in most admin rooms, I doubt another map would come out without one.

This may sound like a flame, But it’s not, I was going to say this when I saw the thread title.
Don’t have a nuke buttom, it’s stupid. Look at hometown 1999, half the people who play know about it and they just nuke over and over again…
I think a nuke button is a bad idea, an admin does not need a nuke button to clean the map.

A good idea is to have a police department that only cops can enter into certain spots because in some maps idiots just line up and bug you and its hard to get rid of them without pissing them off.

  • Also a good idea is to have shops that only the owner can touch stuff and sell stuff. So then people can’t steal stuff and the store doesn’t get trashed.

  • And lastly SHOPPING CARTS! I am sick to death of having to carry everything i buy seperatley to where i want it, it is also annoying not have them because losers come and steal your stuff while you are away.

Thanks for listening


I agree with the bridge and river rule but the raft could still make it across even though there is a current. how about all wood that touches it breaks and everything else just dissapears

Night and day with func_precipitation rain and fog, for a darker more intresting rp experience

Yeah, that’d be nice. Aslong as we have the option to just have day time. It gets kinda annoying doing some things when it’s night.

One i would like to see like a medieval castle rp…

Another would be cool if its a city but with better jobs like fishing boats and stuff

Day and night versions?

Do what I was going to do before I realised autistic monkeys can map better than I. Try something different by making a completely indoor city: an Arcology. Everything is indoors, on different levels. Apartments, communal kitchens, communal bathrooms, everything. I had everything planned out but I can’t map.