What would you say is wrong with DarkRP?

What do you believe is wrong with DarkRP?
I’d say there aren’t enough opposing sides: you’re either a cop, a gangster or just a bystander.

The people who play it.

The VGUI, The Voting system, The jobs system, The players.

Serious. I tried joining 3 dark RP servers the other day, Each one loaded with drugz and more weapons than you can shake a stick at. Minge haven.

Too restricted on what you can do instead of manking functions for people so they can do something, but without restricting them, making them focus on their roleplay instead of reaching some kind of end game like a weapon to DM or drugs.

99.9% Of the communities cant run it right and it is unserious and dmfest central. The only community that i know can run DarkRP Right is The Ravens, owned by Vince

With a password it is easy to manage DarkRP servers right.

DarkRP doesn’t aim at role-playing in general.

Pretty much this. And the gun system.

And the economy, and the coding, and how it has no inventory, etc.

Too little things to do. Wait an hour for some money, buy something and repeat.

Also the fact that it’s full of minges. I try to walk down a street as a civilian, and get shot in the face by a gang member for no reason. Respawn, 3 minutes later :siren:RANDOM LOCKDOWN EVERYONE IN THE STREET WILL BE SHOT:siren: and get killed by the police as I try to run back to my house.

Personally I dislike the chat because it just makes me think of sandbox. Also, the VGUI is really old and personally makes me want to aimbot and kill everyone. So pretty much the gamemode.

Just saying right here, not all RP has to be serious
Honestly, some things can be done without forcing seriousness on people

If it isnt serious, then what is it other than random people randomly sprinting, DMing and laughing?

All the RDM.
It’s not fun anymore I’ve seen alot servers having SWAT now because of all the rdm.
The salary is one of the big problems too.
People get too much money too quick, so they can buy weapons and make a chaos.

** INCOMING!!! **
Boring rant ahead…

Pretty much just the fact that the people who play it are all assholes who arent seeking to rp even one tiny bit.
I often feel as if im the only one trying to roleplay, and it seems like almost noone uses the rpname function, and the few people who do just change their name to something like “SUPAR MAGA ARSSHULL”.
Also, the people who run darkrp servers, they ussually dont even know how to add anything except jobs, which they probably use fucking generators for, and thereby not actually putting any effort at all into their server, and then when people get on he abuses his admin powers…alot.
Also, noone really uses the /job command either, they ONLY use the jobs created for them, which usually means that there are only people with jobs such as terrorist and swat going around.
Which leads to another problem, the server owners make too many stupid classes like: Ninja (Its very often we see ninjas walking through the street right?) Assasin (Everyone who are assasin’s just run around killing people randomly, and advertise that they are assasins and kill people for money, i mean like seriusly, its a sure fire way to get caught by the police. Also it ruins the economy by giving out free weapons.) Terrorist (Why make a terrorist job? Its just asking for people to go on rampages, and it ruins the err “economy” by giving out weapons) Swat (When ever there is a swat job, everyone always goes swat instead of normal police, and they patrol and stuff like the police, raid random buildings, blow up people’s doors and shit, they are supposed to be an elite task force or something who are only called for when the regular police just cant do anything about some serius threat, like a fucking gang den or such) Military (Unless its some kind of WW2 thing, or in afganistan or some place currently in war, its really unrealistic that the military roams the streets) Pet (Usually this is a person with a renamon playermodel or a headcrab pill or something, and it just doest work.)
And finally, the SUPAR MEGU PWNZARX CLAWz (For some reason, a lot of servers have some sort of overkill job, its not a good idea…ever, and again it ruins the economy by giving out free fucking weapons)


Almost all personal problems people have with it are because the server they play on sucks ass.

I would say to stop playing on DarkRP servers that suck, but so many of them do. So my best advise is to host your own for your friends.
The key to hosting a server (of any kind) is quality control and to realize why you are there.
You are there to roleplay, not become the next TNB, so lock the fucking server, make friends with decent roleplayers, and roleplay with them and only them. Expand the player base when you’re ready but do not settle for shit RP’ers.

I’ve been doing this for over a year now and we’ve never looked back once I started.

Note: this also means don’t advertise your server as a public playground, it’s a private club. Fuck anyone that says it’s elitist, you’re not there to look good, you’re there to have decent RP.

There used to be a server with DarkRP, we were all friends, but then the amount of people joining decreased, and eventually annoying kids (with mics) joined the server so we shut it down. It was then changed to Zombie RP but a few months ago it was changed to HL2RP, but it’s serious roleplay, so I don’t play it.

metagame. The fact that your job title is advertised right under your name. What criminal puts up a big sign saying, HEY IM A MOB BOSS!

So you’d rather sit in a room pretending to be a lvl 70 elf mage than make a little chaos with friends?