What would you want in a starwars game mode

hello i,am here to day to talk about star wars

i,am going to make a star wars game mode for G MOD that works… any idea for the game mode.

models you would like in it etc

please post what you want in it please no yelling at people for random comments :slight_smile:

pics for people that dont know what star wars is D:


kidy star wars :slight_smile:



Death Star

thats a bit big D: it would hit the limit for map size D:

Only have it based in the death star and around it

Darth Vader superdestroyer ship

Light sabers and pew pew lasers.

Pew pew lasers and bigger pew pew lasers with extra starships please.

Obviously you’ve never heard of rescaling.

Obviously you’ve never heard the problems of rescaling.

Add functionality for a spacebuild-like part of it and an RP or combat-like part of it. Or all of them in one.

Clone Wars is a horrible example of Star Wars, seriously. Use something like the old episodes.

Are we talking DM or RP?

DM: LightSabers, classes, force push, bullet deflect, light sabers clash

RP: Models… Working script…?

Force Powers, that sort of thing.

droids, clones, rebels, storm troopers, clones

Pretty much HLDM star wars style, and with teams

I completely agree if you are talking about that shit series.
If you are not, then I have to strongly disagree, that game was awesome.
here is the wikipedia link to that awesome game.

I want to see your gamemode have the vehicle style from this game.

DEcaptiation :v:
Powarz :v:

Based on the pictures you posted in the first post, I’d rather it was nothing like any of the pictures.

Stick to the original trilogy.

Obviously you’ve never heard of the solutions of rescaling.


I still play that. :V

How about cleaning up your post and posting in the right forum, eh?