What would you want to see in a RP-Based Gamemode?

Allright, So I am nearing the end of finishing the base of my new Roleplaying/MMOish gamemode. Now I need some content suggestions.

I would like to first start by saying, this is not a DarkRP, PERP, OA, HL2RP, or any other type of RP edit. I have written 100% of the code. I do not want to see any of the stated RP gamemodes stated. I do not care what you think about them. I want to see what you enjoy when playing RP, what you do not enjoy, what makes you come back, etc.

I would like to ask each of you the following questions:

1: Why do you play RP?
2: What do you like about it?
3: How do you play?
4: What do you do when there are few people on the server? (0 - 5 people)
5: What would you like to see to improve the overall experience of playing a game mode centered around RP?

To all RP Haters: I know you hate Roleplaying, and I often am among you. I love roleplaying, but more than often I am usually among RDMers, spammers, minges, and all other horrible gamers. My experience is most likely similar to yours: Horrible. Which is exactly why I am attempting to change that. This is not a bitching thread about it. Do not just state RP sucks. If you honestly think it is unbearable to play, please state why, as I could possibly remove the events/issues from occurring within my own… Eventually bringing the RPing reputation back up to par.

I like to piss fart around.

Play something like Saints Row 3, or San Andreas, what will keep people interested is lots of varying gameplay, even if the activities are random and make no sense, as long as they are fun, you will keep people playing :stuck_out_tongue:

I have played both.
I have something similar already partially implemented. Good to see I may be on the same track as you with this.

You can’t limit players with too much seriousness. Doing that makes the RP seem like a dictatorship run by the owner.

Hopefully, Everything will be player run. Items, shops, buisnesses, etc.
Depends on how people actually play it, but that’s what I am aiming for.

None of that S2M bullshit involving rolling or an excessive amount of /me’s

The only proper RP server I have ever seen was PERP Serious (And yes, I mean the REAL one that hunts made which got DDOSed constantly by ExiledServers… Which now is leaked). The administrators kept a watch on you constantly, no stupid rules, only real rules applied to the server. And yes, they were hold, I was once banned by mistake because it looked like I was medic abusing because 2 cops were shooting each other (I forgot the reason though) and because I constantly brought them back to life, I was banned. And on the forums (which was linked to your account, and the only way of making an account was joining one of their servers). It said what your ban history was.

There’s hardly in real “roleplay” in garrysmod at all as the majority of the playerbase are 12 year old British kids.

If you want some good idea’s for roleplay, think outside of the box and check out some other games like GTA SA-MP (http://sa-mp.com/)

It simply has to be more things to do. It’s always the same old shit, over and over again. It get’s boring. If we could advance things, like skills etc. it would make it so much better, and we would actually have something to fight for.

Don’t listen to anybody, don’t think “Oh but people may not like this” and just fucking do IT. And then you might just have the next best thing, because people REALLY don’t know what they want or what they don’t have.

None of the above. I want more RPing and less killing and printing. In darkRP, pretty much everything revolves around the printer, and we need a change.

I have to say that I ran a server for about 4 months with a custom map, nicely edited darkRP gamemode, different models, removed printers, and a lot more. I changed the gamemode soooo much but even after 4 months of advertising it and having it up, i had 2 other active players.

because garrysmod roleplay is full of kiddies that want guns and chedda

Developing a character without having to worry about serious rules and dictator Administrators.

HL2RP, 'nuff said IMO.



I take it you do not like RP? Care to give your explanation why?

I completely agree with both of you. That was the first thing I took into account when I started coding it a while back. On PERP, the whole idea was to grow drugs, on DarkRP, it was spam/farm money printers. I was trying to find other gameplay aspects for players to focus on.

I never really have been a serious roleplayer, Just didn’t have the patience for it.

Skills are already made. :slight_smile:
The whole issue is just: How to keep people occupied, reduce the number of weapon whores who just kill everyone, reduce farming, and increase player interaction. I have already implemented a few systems in place to start anew on the player interactions, but there is still the other 2 issues.

Now so far, “More stuff to do on less populated servers” is winning. I am already adding little server mini games such as “Find the hidden loot” or “There is a zombie apocalypse”… just something that will happen randomly for players to be able to take part in events in order to blow off a little steam, make some cash, and have fun.

Just add a god-damn playerbased economy such as the one in EVE.

I’ve seen RP gamemode called ‘NO RP’, and it was my favorite gamemode until now.

Care to share why you liked it so much?

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