What year do you think gmod is in?

I think it depends what map/(World…) you are in and what addons you have installed

It’s like your own customizable Matrix, Its all up to the user / server.

E.g In the matrix, The humans think that the year is 2000 when its closer to the year 3000.


Just putting this out there:

Imagine if there was a HL2 Multiplayer Co-op, no addons just good old Hl2 with more players

The combines would get pwned so much. =3

The year 1 AD


Garry’s Mod was created in 1396 by king Garry 7th.

Lol. Are we frozen in a millisecond or something?
3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105928074944 years?

Who is the main antagonist in Gmod?


the protagonist



year -718342511494603162803560423712907834596737460230
hooray for dancin finger on the dance/key board

Who cares?


Heh heh… Awesome series.

Present day.

The future, where the world was dark and scarry.

The present.

GMod is suspended in a timeless void.

it depends pn the players prespective

and the tech allowed on servers

think of gmods year as one big fucking varible

It’s over 9000.

9001 ?

OP is 12.


Who gives a fuck about the year, it has no story line.

Inb4 9001.

…Oh wait.