What you think about some hilarious team play on next weekend (1 March)?

Let’s create a group of players, for example 10 vs 10 or even more. Admin will give teams the same resources for each team to build and protect the base.

And the goal is to fight for territory (some special place on map, you should build there a base and hold it for 10-15 minutes / destroying enemy base and keep it yours / or something else, you suggest.

And lets be creative, think about ideas and its possible to play something quick ~2-3 hours mission every weekend.

For example each team enter server with nickname [BLUFOR] Nickname or [OPFOR] Nickname.
Every one receive some warrior set, with guns, mods, ammo, armor and medkits.
Each side begin with small base with storages full of additional ammo, guns and other things, also building materials, C4, grenades to extend your base and blow up enemies.

It’s possible to make 2 sessions, in first - Blufor - attacks and Opfor defense, and vise versa on the second session.

No farming, no wasting time, only pure fun for 2-3 hours of gameplay.

I have an official server, hosted in Germany with 50 slots. What are you think?