What you think about this community?

I was going to help a guy in developer section with something.

I saw a post about icemod.net and I checked it out cause why not 2 min of life.

I looked into their announcements as the first thing.

As the post stays you can host a server inside the community and get moderator rights on your own section.

What do you guys think about this?

I think this is a bad idea as someone can join the community and be member in one or two weeks and start to host a server.

This would make servers join and leave often. +2 every month could easy be possible.

Those are fairly new compared to the communitys age (first post in 2012)


Only the Sandbox #1 server is a old server compared to the rest.
The servers are quite Vanilla with player models stuff etc expect the TTT which is just a custom…hmmm…CoderHire server.

So here I got some questions.

  1. Would you join such a community? If yes or no why?
  2. You think allowing people to host a server inside a community is a good idea? If yes or no why?
  3. Would you like that servers are not “stable” as a server that fast can leave the community or a new server can join. If yes or no why?

I used to be one of the higher ranks on there, it’s really not worth it. The owner is quite the abusive douche and censorship is all over the place.

Wouldn’t recommend ever coming near them.

Yeah, it could lead to a bunch of bad quality servers and disorganization probably. Then if one does get big then they could just break off of icemod. It is a decent idea in theory though.

I dont see the point in hosting a server and paying for it myself and be forced to use their name?
Why wouldnt i just use a normal host and choose the name i want?
Or am i missing something here?