So yesterday I found out that sombody broke into my house and stole all
my shit. The way they did this was to break down not one dorr but two
doors. When i try I cant even destroy the things i misplace myself so how
did they break down two of my doors? Is there some game mechanic that
I dont know or dont understand? Please help me!

Also how can I take down misplaced walls? Ive tryed hatcheting them for
like 5 minuted without luck.

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Walls take shitload of hits to take down, and I’m pretty sure doors can be taken down, if not then you’re just an unlucky target.

Did you mean to say can or cant? Whats the point of having doors that nobody can open if thay can just break them down?

What’s the point in having invincible doors? That removes the idea of being able to break into someone’s house, murder them and steal their stuff, this isn’t Rust: Friendly Edition.