Whatever- Gmod Music Video by FreakySoup

Hello. I make music videos (which you can see on my YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/ZPBMproductions), and this is my latest one, just made it yesterday. Tell me what you think!

edited Idea is cool but acting and ragdoll posing sucks

this was good to watch but there are some things you could’ve improved:

Don’t Repeat Scenes
Avoid flailing ragdolls through the whole videos.

I also make music videos. if you wanna make real music videos then i think you should learn how to use SDK Faceposer. And I’m sure I’ve seen your name somewhere before. ah yes on the gmod challenge and I commented on your video. my username is SoulMaster05

I love the dance

thanks, and yeah, the faceposer, solemn style of gmv’s isn’t my style. The bad posing and the arm flailing is my style of comedy, and I find it funny. Thanks for your feedback so far.