What's a good Admin mod for a listen server?

I would like to have a reliable, simple, and lightweight admin mod for a listen server. It’s gonna be for me and a friend mostly, but occasionally we let people join. Usually I would go for ULX as I’ve used that one a lot through various admin jobs on servers but I feel that it might be too heavy for a listen server. The more like ULX in function, the better. I also do not like ASS mod because I’ve used it a few times and I just plain don’t like using it.

The commands I want the most are:
!teleport <player> (teleport to where you are looking, or teleport another player)
!goto <player> (teleport to a player)
!bring <player> <player2>(bring a player to you or to another player)
The basic kick/ban commands
The ability to “stealth” commands (If I teleport someone it won’t play a message to everyone)
Other fun commands like invisible and blind are nice to have but not necessary.

Not all of these commands need to be in it or anything, the highest priority is that it’s lightweight and reliable. It also doesn’t need to be chat/console based, even though I greatly would appreciate that. (Not a big fan of GUI Admin mods.)

A quite one

tteeee heeeeee

Evolve, you don’t have to use the GUI for anything besides ranks.

Exsto, you don’t need the UI for anything.

Thank you. I checked it out and if it works as it claims it does it will be the one I will be using.

This and it looks pretty.

I tried out Evolve and it’s exactly what I wanted.
Thanks guys, this thread no longer serves a purpose.