What's a good admin mod like assmod?

Assmod doesn’t work, i get Lua errors whenever i use the menu.
so, what now?

I picked ULX.

Evolvemod is the popular mod now:

ULX has always been my favorite, it’s UI was also recently reworked.

ULX is fun

I checked evolve and evolve seems to be good, with editing privileges and all that jazz, but ULX takes the cake for me. I love it.

From florida and a bum? Me too.

Evolve is dead now, and doesn’t work on Macs. ULX is the only maintained admin mod besides custom/private ones.

Evolve. Evolve. Evolve.

If you want a simple one, stick to ASSMod or ULX, but if you want a bit more professional one, use Evolve.

I’m told by every coder that evolve is flawed, slow and bad. I use it and imo it’s great. :stuck_out_tongue:

ULX has been here the longest, and it’s here to stay :v:

AOWL lol

that thing drove me nuts

Maybe the coders can dig their heads out form their egos and use it. If they have a problem with it maybe they should fix it or make their own

that’s what I did, custom admin mods rock