What's a good pc setup to run garry's mod on the highest graphics settings possible?

currently I play garry’s mod on a laptop with a dual core i5 3317u @ 1.7ghz; 4 gigs of ddr3 and integrated graphics. it handles the game fairly well for being a 15 inch ultrabook weighing no more than 4-5 lbs. it can do 60+fps on an empty map, 40fps with a several dupes and npcs 25fps with 80-120+npcs spawned and so forth. it eventually becomes unplayable with a lot of npc and gore gibs or mass physics
<7fps. What kind of pc build would be able to bring forth the true potential of garry’s mod awesomeness? I’m also wondering how it compares to system taxing games like crisis 3 for example. I see people doing benchmarks mainstream games like that but never any mention of garry’s mod which I know is a pretty intensive game. any thoughts opinions?

I couldn’t tell you what a good setup is. However, what I can tell you is to run Garry’s Mod at a steady 60fps at highest graphical settings you won’t need something all that incredible, so long as you’re not playing with a silly amount of props on screen, and it sure as hell wouldn’t be anywhere near as taxing as a system that would be running Crysis 3.

If you’re interested in building a computer yourself the guys over in the PC Building section are good at telling you what to buy for the cheapest price possible for what you’re wanting to do with the system.

As long as you don’t spend less than $100 for your graphics card, processor or RAM you’ll be fine, but as said go to the PC building thread for more advice.

yeah its kind of a weird question seeing as it involves both garrysmod and computer performance stuff.

Garry’s Mod works perfectly on my computer with an average of 80 to 120+ frames on most maps with it all cranked up to highest settings. I originally started with a GTX 550ti which is what the frames are like and upgraded since then, but the rest still stay the same.

something that is from 2007+

generally, you are going to want something with at least 4 gigs of RAM, a 2+ ghz processor, and some nvidia gtx graphics card

What is your budget? I can help you as I have had some previous experience building computers :slight_smile:

around $700

know this for a fact. 2010 hp prebuilt, only thing that’s changed out is a $50 pny geforce 210 (the 512mb one)

eh, it can at least do episodes from liberty city at 800x600 for 20 fps.

My 6670 does fine, and that’s $65.

Really, a shitty dual-core, 4GB RAM and a cheap video card would be enough to run Gmod on high.

After a certain point, you may want to know that you can’t get more fp/s because of poor optimization of maps/gamemodes.

I usually only get 70 fp/s on G-Mod on my setup while I get over 60 on Battlefield 3

I max out easily with

AMD phenom II x4 945
EVGA nvidia geforce GTX 560 2gb
4gb ram
1920 x 1200

some maps I get 120, and some have dipped to 20. And since multi-core support was disabled gmod runs like garbage

i built my self a desktop computer with one of them amd 8 core processor. i was finally upgrading from my 1998 windows xp computer and was ready to enjoy high frame rates with max settings. then multicore was disabled just days after. true story.

anyways, gmod runs on the source engine, which is amazing and all, but at the end of the day, its over a decade old. as long as you are using something other than intel graphics and your computer isnt at that age where it begins to rust, you should be fine.

do you have any idea why garry disabled multicore rendering?

a very rare crash that no one ever occurred

I’m pretty sure it was some people taking screenshots that crashed and they didn’t realize they could disable it on their system.

I’m running a overclocked I7 4.6ghz(water cooled), 8gb ram and a GTX 560 Ti 1GB gpu.
with nothing on the map, I get 260fps :slight_smile: So something a little less powerful than my setup would be perfect.