Whats a sticky?

I keep seeing people being banned for “missed the sticky” and i have no idea what a sticky is. I dont want to end up being banned from missing whatever it is.

Also, I dont really wanna spend 40 dollars of a alpha key. When will the next handout of free keys be?

it’s when mommy and daddy love each other very much and then they decide they dont want a baby so they make a sticky instead

It’s the thread at the very top of the forum that’s stuck to the top and never falls down even if there are newer posts in other threads. This is a common feature on almost every forum on the Internet. The sticky contains the rules of the forum, and people get banned for not reading them and posting dumb shit that’s against the rules.

Probably never, the key distribution system has moved to the Dutch Auction model because handing out free keys was just inviting scammers and beggars and whiners even more than charging for the game is.

Then don’t. It’s a dutch auction, spend whatever you want (but you might have to wait awhile for a lower price)