Whats are these addons? x-x

first of all, I’m not sure if it would go in Request, since its already made(if it does belong in request, please move it, I’m just unsure where i should put it :/)
*Second of all, I have seen these in 3 different servers, and its probably not an private add-on
Anyway, i wanted to know what these two Addons, i suspect the Scoreboard and Chat Box both go together because they are all in each of the 3 servers, still, I’m not sure so I’m postings.
(and to keep privacy of the players, all names have been removed except for my name)



Chat Box:


*Seen in Sassilization and Aprilon Dynasty, and if I’m not mistaking, Gmod Party also uses it.

The scoreboard is created by sass who i think gave it to pe to use with gmod party but i might be wrong. They are all private addons though.

Aprilon stole it from Sass. Don’t go to their servers. They steal addons and claim them as their own, and use that module to say they have 11/12 players always.

okay bro.