What's Better?

I’ve decided to make an RP of some sort and I know that there are a number of different types. I’d like to know which type is better.

Eh? We need too atleast get a concept of what your aiming for… Please… HL2RP, MERP, what are you aiming for???


Mass Effect RP. Some kid tried to make it like a year back, but failed miserably.

I did that two weeks ago and didn’t give a shit to continue it


That’s ten times more creative than having another DarkRP, another HL2RP, another RLRP, another whatever. Be original.

Trust me… You get banned for originality.

What? What sense does that even make? I’ve created and ran 3 communities, all running original scripts and storylines. None have failed to amuse me.

I agree. Our best running server was custom storyline

Tell the story uncle Joe.

Make something with gameplay alongside the RP. Otherwise people (Read, me personally or another average person) get bored when there is no big event going on.

Either 1) pick a story you really like, (It can be from anything, videogames, movies, shows, or even a book.


  1. Create your own story.


  1. have no story at all, and let the players make the story themselves.

Chances are if you make a story, there will be tons of 10 yearolds running around killing things.

Swamp monster RP. It comes out at night, rapes the women and kills the men.

It won’t work. Way too chaotic for it to work at all. It’s also hard to just do whatever you please, you need some sort of background or general goal.

Yeah, with the current community, I suppose that’s true. I somewhat said that just out of nostalgia for when people actually cooperated to RP their own stories, instead of minging the shit out of everything and bitching endlessly. If you can get a community of nice, cooperative people, then you could just let them make stories entierely on their own. Unfortunately, it’s extremely unlikely that your community will actually be made up of mostly kind and cooperative people.

I was going to come in here and say what I always say with “Let shit happen on it’s own” but someone beat me to it.

I was thinking of a Wanted (movie) RP but it would be difficult to script bending bullets…

Bending bullets are done, search for wanted in GMod.org.