What's detructible?

I though that walls were indestructible, but I was wrong. I was raided when I was away and the bandits just destroyed the wood wall instead of the metal door.

So, what’s really destructible and not?

OMG, they have c4ed you.

Everything, really. Just apply enough C4 (or a LOT of guys banging on it with hatchets)

Wood walls can be chopped down given time, or blown out. Doors are easier. Metal screams “rob me”.

Generally speaking: Don’t leave enough stuff laying around your home that would make blasting in worth it. Have caches to spread out the effort required to bankrupt you.

Early on, never underestimate an out-of-the-way hobo hut with a sleeping bag, a fire pit, and a small box with some basic tools, even after you have begun building your estate.

With a home estate, and 2-3 caches scattered and hidden in worthwhile locations, figure that at least one will manage to survive the psychopathic onslaught when you aren’t around.

It all depends, some structures can be destroyed with a hatchet/pickaxe (Such as the wooden door or the shelter) and some require C4 to do any damage to them (Like walls, or metal doors), also some structures are indestructible and will only be destroyed by decay over time if they’re not used (Such as foundations and pillars)

Here’s a list of all the items and how many hits with certain weapons it takes:


Thank you for the useful tips and link.
I guess I was mistaken all this time. It’s better to have a couple or three wood shacks than build a home. Same amount of C4 to break in. And I wasted metal on doors that are only useful in metal houses.

No, Over. It doesn’t take any C4 to destroy shacks. Metal doors are useful in wooden houses because wooden doors can just be destroyed with any weapon.