Whats different between GMod 9 and Garry's Mod on Steam?

I just thought of this not to long ago, but what was different about Garrys Mod 9 and Garrys Mod 10?

Dunno, only everything.

Everything. Tools, mods, graphics, maps.

But, what was the main reason?

Major overhaul of the menus and compatability and also ease of use as well as the engine it runs on

Updates, servers, total awesomeness.

Menus, Toolgun, Playermodels, Playermodel selection, Maps,

The Toybox

, etc.

I did not had Garry’s Mod 9.

[quote=“Shining_Sabe, post:8, topic:79996”]

I did not had Garry’s Mod 9.[/QUOT:dumb:

I play gmod10

You’re even dumber because you removed the E]

You sir have made the 1st qoute in a qoute I ever seen


Here, just watch these.

As you can see, BORING.


As you can see, AMAZING.

Also, PHX props are stock in game. These are helpful detailed props that allow building to go much further. Wiremod, a modification you should download via SVN, allows everything to be programmed, or prorgasmed. This mod can make practiacally anything you wish.

Here are some PHX props:

And here is a wiremod E2 contraption:

Plus, there is hundreds, even thousands of more mods for GMod 10, (Commonly referred to as Gmod 11, even you people are wrong) including some rediculous, and some serious. Don’t download GMod 9, just fork over the 10 bucks to get an astounding game such as this. I have been playing GMod for years. No other game can do that like this.

That is, if you haven’t bought it.

I remember GMod 7a, fuck that was great :unsmith:


I had gmod 8.3 many many years ago.
It was pretty fun but there was very limited options for tools.

Difference between gmod 9 and 10? Well gmod 10 is well… a game of its own. When gmod 9 is just mod.

One of the main differences I remember between GM9 and SteamGM was posing was slightly harder in steam GM.
Something about the physics properties and/or gravity or something was different so the model’s didn’t pose as easy as they did in GM9.
I remember people bitching about it, myself included.

I think its normal now, or maybe I just got use to it.