whats garry's fascination with dicks?

Yeah so “nude” characters…kinda explained with basic survival…kinda…

But why all the dick rocks?
I see this particular rock generated everywhere.

He is bisexual. (But leaning towards the male gender)

Wel, I don’t know man. Dicks are great. I like them.

You see what you want to see.

Dont worry, they plan to make cave openings eventually look vaginas.

Exactly what I was thinking! :smiley:

What else would I see? it doesn’t even look remotely like a natural stone formation…

Great, I was planning to be a cave dweller!

I already am. :wink:

Look, there are obvious references, I have found, boob island, vagina rocks, and the penis rocks. 9 times out of 10, there is a cave near a penis rock formation. Not a coincidence.

Not enough grass growing at the base of that rock.

Maybe that fact that all heroes of this game are men, and not women, and also that all of them are very ugly somehow connected to all this? You know, hidden desires and stuff >_<