What's going on with combat?

So I sneak up on a guy trying to raid my house, and I shotgun him 3 teams in the back of the head. I was wearing all Kevlar, he turns around, and proceeded to almost insta kill me with the M4.

I come back, and I get all leather and another guy insta kills me with headshot from the shotgun. What’s going one??!?!?!

A better question is: What’s going two?

On a more serious note though, killing someone with one shotgun shot to the head doesn’t really seem that weird does it? Same with the M4, one or two shots to the head kills you don’t it?

Any number of things could have happened, maybe he was really quick to use a medkit, maybe there was server lag, maybe they’re cheating, maybe they’re admins…

Seems like a waste of time to get on the forum to tell everyone that you’re surprised that you died in a game where death is pretty commonplace.

Missing the point. I’m not surprised I’m dead. I’m trying to figure out how someone survived all my shotgun blasts while I almost died immediately 2 times while fully armored.

-snip- and I gave you 4 ways that someone could have survived.
In case you missed it (even thought you quoted it and obviously didn’t read it):

EDIT: snipped out a small part that makes me a jackass… I didn’t mean to be mean lol

So you say “I never said you should be surprised”, after saying “Seems like a waste of time to get on the forum to tell everyone that you’re surprised that you died in a game where death is pretty commonplace.” I’m not really sure where you’re coming from.

You did give me the lag, cheat, medkit, and admin route, but the game said I was hitting him (unless that’s client side and I actually wasn’t) and I didn’t think medkits brought you back up that fast as you’re still in the middle of a gun fight. He certainly wasn’t the admin.

As for the cheat thing, he was missing a lot, so unless it was godmode, I dunno.

Lol you’re right, I did say that, way to make me feel like a jackass lol.

I dunno what happened and quite frankly I don’t think anyone could tell you for sure, my guess is bad lag and bad timing, it seems the rubberbanding issue is back and with it comes a slew of weird things like this.

Ahh well. Maybe it is as you said. That stinks.

I’m going to make a request thread that medkits not give health as quickly as they do, or have a cooldown after how long you’ve taken damage. I could see that making combat a big problem in the future.

My suggest ment for med kits is that they add an animation. What I mean is as follows.

You have just been shot you get to cover and use a medkit.
Your character should stop go down on one knee, place his weapon on his back or on the ground. He should then reach somewhere on his body and pull out the med kit, apply the med kit, grab his weapon and stand up.

I know a lot of people won’t like that but I think it would be for the best and it would force people to be more prepared for a gun fight. E.g portable cover, a friend to provide cover fire, a strategy before engaging and might stop some people from kos everything they see.

I don’t know just a simple idea, what do you think?
Any one have anything to add to it, or is it a horrible idea?

I think this would result in a lot less open gunfights and turn the PvP into people sneaking around, taking a couple pot shots at a person, then hiding back behind cover. Though it would make PvP harder in a way, it would be a lot more boring. Whoever has the drop on the other person would almost always be guaranteed to win if players are forced to stop moving and wait around for a drawn out animation to go through before they can fight again.

The shotgun is extremely unreliable (just like in a lot of games), but it’s great when it does decide to work. I’ve meatshot people twice at pointblank range only to have them turn around and kill me. The MP5 is a far more reliable weapon and short range.

Well, it’s kind of unfair if you can just keep giving yourself infinite health (hyperbole, I know) if you start to lose a gun fight and can just pop behind a rock and get an instant second chance but having your health go back to full.

Yeah shotguns are really weird, you’d hear a huge point blank headshot when you’re hugging them with it but they probably lost 10-20 hp only.

I hate inconsistencies with shotguns in games. Only a few games ever seem to get them balanced correctly. Either you have to be so close you’d be able to lick them, or it’s a sniper rifle that shoots in a murder cone.

I see what your saying but that is how it should be I think. If you want a survival your not going to go running out into a middle of a field and start spraying at any thing you see. Your going to sneak up on someone and plan it out. It’s just way to easy to win a fire fight right now if your geared out and can rely on med kits and a few seconds to recover your health. I mean the fact that you can full out sprint and use a med kit is a little retarded. I like fire fights to be terrifying and exciting and it will level the playing field for people with lower tiered weapons to get the jump on a kevlar and have a chance because that kevlar is going to have to find a secure spot to heal. Like I said it’s an opinion and not saying your wrong but for me it would be much better, I want my adrenalin pumping when I’m in a shoot out. Right now even I rely on sprint and med kit.

This would make it more realistic.

Whether your average Rust player would appreciate or enjoy realism in their combat is another matter entirely.