Whats going on with the Memory leak and the new patch crashing rustclient.exe?

Rust is the best game i have ever played! The way the game runs after an a few hrs is absolutely horrible since this last patch. It’s always been bad but now when I try and turn the game off to fix the memory leak rustclient.exe stops responding and my computer just sits and has a heart attack for 3 min. After an hr of 2 of gameplay I have to restart the game because the lag makes it unplayable before it wasn’t a big deal but with rustclient.exe error makes it a huge pain in the ass to the point where I want to stop playing. The memory leak should be fixed asap. I hope that is what they’re doing. I don’t think its my hardware because my other computer which has totally different hardware does the same thing. Anyone else having these problems?

Same shit here, just made another thread about it.

lol you mean this memory error along with all the hard faults

Yup same here

Me too. Takes an hour and a half or so to become unplayable.