What's good fps in this game

What’s good fps I should have in Garry’s Mod? I get 50-60 with graphics all the way up, but I’m not sure if that’s good.

If thats in SP it’s okay try a big multiplayer map :holy:

That sounds fine to me.

To be honest it doesn’t matter what your FPS is as long as the game feels smooth to you.

It starts to feel stuttery (imo) at around 20-25.

30 is considered playable. Anything under and you will see stutter. Around 60 is great, anything above that is excellent, even if you won’t notice it.

60 is probably the highest you’ll notice.

40-60 is pretty fine, hard to notice.

20-40 is irritating but playable.

10-20 becomes stuttery.

0-10 is far too low.

i can get 110 on multiplayer build maps depending on the server.

Same here ^

60fps solid with VSync enabled should give you the best image for most monitors.

Yeah thats what I ussually get on SP, thanks guys

30-60 fps. Cap your FPS at either. 30 FPS will take a few seconds for your eyes to get used to but once they are it looks perfect. It also lets your system rest a bit if it can easily handle 30 FPS. Also, if you use a recorder, 29 or 30 FPS will save a lot of HDD space.