What's In the Chest?

As a little treat for my upcoming Facepunch anniversary, I’ve made this comic for you all. It also shows what my comics will be like from now on.

The chest contains a parallel universe and they were looking at themselves in the parallel universe

And there they were like your avatar, very lovely.

It contains exorcist girl.

None of you are correct

It contains Turtlehead’s Home-made Porn?

No but think something grotesque like that.

Normal porn

There’s another chest inside the chest, in which opening it creates another box that can not be opened, so they throw it into the sea, a giant sea monster appears.

No, but it has some sort of monster in the chest.

An antlion?

They said “Holy Shit” at the end perhaps there is a religious turd praying inside the chest

It’s their friend or… theres nothing

Your getting alot better at making comics, the layout has improved.

Thanks. As of now, every comic before this never exisisted.

Turtlehead?! or that guy who makes troll comics… (TheDarkerOne)

Necronomicon. I laughed:biggrin:

Try not to stretch the pictures. It looks kinda bad. But the comic itself is pretty good. The layout is just bad.

It’s not someone from Facepunch. But I’ll give you some hints guys:

  1. This thing is famous.
  2. It’s very grotesque.
  3. Everybody hates this thing.
  4. You’d say “Holy Shit” when you met it.

George W. Bush?