Whats in your addons folder?

Just go ahead and list what you have in your addons folder(Does not include addons that went in maps,materials,models):

A shitload of personal skin models from the personal skin thread
HL2 Spawnable Entities
CSS Weapon SWEPS and NPC Weapons
BodyGroup Stool
Command & Conquer NPCs

and other shit I can’t bother to look through

Faaaar too much :slight_smile:


help, im drowning

[sp]what’s funny is that some of these are broken, like half of spacebuild and it’s related objects but I can’t be arsed to fix them because I only use them on rare occasions[/sp]

Why are all the people not exporting the SVN?
Seriously it is such a mess, you are *supposed *to export the files
Probably the reason they are broken too

10 shitloads

Wiremod, SBEP, Crosshair mod, some custom skins and models, Mad Cows Sweps, Lifesupport 3, Zero suit Samus, and 25 nude Alyx NPCs.

Edit: OH and NPC control.

Addons mainly.

export? Do you mean take the actual addon folders out of the one folder?
I did that, but I tried removing everything spacebuild one time, was taking way too long, cancelled in the middle and everything looks to be fine but it was never right since
But as long as I can see the models, idgaf
Barely effects my load times and I have tons of HD space to spare

More time consuming, they want to try out their super leet pro cool mods ASAP.

As for my addons, I can’t say now. Deleted my steamapps folder in anticipation of my new computer.

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When you checkout an SVN, right click the folder that you downloaded, and somewhere it should say “Export.” Just export it to your Garry’s Mod folder and it removes those hidden .svn folders/files, cuts down on loading times, and makes the addons folder smaller.

Tried what you said and there was no difference in loading times, and as I said I have asstons of HDD space to spare… :v:

You can just drag with right mouse button and select “Export Here”

Well, some of them are my experimental addons, some of them are personal models i made and some of them are broken.

My favorites are definitely Neuro planes/tanks and GDCW. By far the best scripted entities and sweps I’ve ever come across.

Surprised that nobody has Wenlis.

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Only 1.42 GB :slight_smile: