"What's mine is yours, for a price of course." Wasteland Merchant selling shit

Looks good as always

Wait… Cigarette and gasmask? o_O

Shit…uh…it’s filtering c:

I like it. Looks good.

Also, smoking through a gasmask is fucking badass.

Pretty nice, although the suit looks too clean to go with the rest

God damn awesome Poetic Merchants these days.

“Don’t bribe or you’ll get this here knife. It will end your life.”

Nice one, Hunter. Looks good!

Looks really cool Hunter.

Now to quote everyone’s favorite Resident Evil 4 Merchant,

what are you doing in this part of town?
not that i don’t want you here

Ilike the pose but…

ur models look so fucking cool.released? by any chance

the cigarettes must go through those circles in the gas mask
nice DoF

Hell yeah…


Pimpin’ hat

Damn right son’.

This merchant shall we titled “The Poetic Gentleman Merchant”

I don’t know if it’s my monitor or not because the contrast on my monitor is pretty high, but nevertheless you put too much contrast on the screenshot.