What's next?

Okay, hey everybody - as you can probably tell already by the thread title, I’m new to lua.
I started around 3 days ago, I have already read some of the stuff at lua.org/pil and also all of the lua tutorials on the gmod wiki. I have read them all carefully and have gone over them multiple times and I understanded most of the concepts clearly… but the problem now is that I don’t know what to do next.

There aren’t anymore tutorials left, and I don’t really know how to code something from scratch with gmod functions and hooks. Could somebody please recommend me something simple to start on?

Experiment with lua. Test your brain out, and I would recommend starting with Derma’s.

Thanks for your reply - I decided to take it a little bit further and make a gamemode with derma windows.

I would start with functions, variables and tables.

I would start by not listening to a word zzaacckk says since he is a dumb ass.

The best way to learn is to download and read other add-ons learn how they work and change things to see how it effects them that will give you a good idea how everything works in a practical example.

Thanks Flawless, I wasn’t gonna do what zzaacckk said - due to the fact that I have already done so, and it’s too bad if he can’t read the OP.