What's outside the window? Competition - Voting time!

It’s time to vote everyone!

Entry 1 by Charlie(steam)


Entry 2 by Grenade Man

Entry 3 by Whomobile

Entry 4 by Simzboy

Entry 5 by l33tkill

Entry 6 by TurtleeyFP


Entry 7 by Marbledemon

texture fix http://www.mediafire.com/?13fb75as48oluo0
I hope you all had fun with the map, voting will end at 12 pm monday. Good luck!

I definitely vote for simzboy’s contribution. It’s definitely your “out of mind” map, and I love out of mind creativity.

MarbleDemon - Your map just makes me want to noclip and look at every little detail. (Which I did, it’s gorgeous.)
The whole normal to two-weeks-later transition of your map is fantastic. No complaints at all.

simzboy - I am in love with the sound design. Nothing can finalize the feel of a map like a good audio soundscape.
The particles are a plus too. It gives me a asbestosy sense of no hope.

l33tkill - Clean, pretty, office feel. The 3D skybox is excellent. Only complaint is that the 3D skybox does not surround the playable area itself.
You could see outer-boundaries of the map.

Grenade Man - Great atmosphere, the transition from a dark basement to a bright yard looks really nice.
The map is a little small. (Not as big as the ones mentioned above.)

TurtleeyFP - Looks like something from Half-Life 2 (Fits very well.) The brushwork is very nice, the wrecked walls look like wrecked walls.
The world outside of the level is very blank (Doesn’t look like it was finished.) There is a hole in the concrete where you can fall and die.

Whomobile - http://i.imgur.com/ihFVV.jpg

Everyone did a nice job on their maps. I personally enjoy Grenade Man’s submission. The view from the window is gorgeous.

This was fun as hell. I can’t wait for the next contest.

Whaat in the fuck

MarbleDemon’s definitely caught me by surprise. It really was awesome; A whole mod with the concept of no guns, no alive zombies, just making your way through a destroyed city sounds pretty cool. Survival horror, or something.

I did get a few missing model/texture errors on the rooftops, though.

Fix’d: http://www.mediafire.com/?13fb75as48oluo0

I know I’m a little late with this, but when the voting is done I’m going to give everyone who submitted an entry 5$ toward a steam game of their choice. Y’all did an awesome job!

looks like simzboy won, contact me on steam to get your prize.

marbledemon contact knightvista for your prize.

I’ll also crank out the prizes for y’all in a few hours. Bear with me.

Thanks, guys! :dance:

Also, try adding me on Steam, mopman. It keeps giving me an error when I try to add you.

Hey if y’all that participated could message me your steam account link (that I can use for gifting), and what game/s that you would want (5$ max + a link to the game) it would be much appreciated!