Whats restricting server performance?

I run a few servers from my house, one of them being garrys mod.
This server easily lags the most, but the machine is very powerful.
I have easily 25-40 people on at once, and I have to keep doing cleanups to reduce lag.
How can I get the most out of my server? I feel as if it’s not working at peak efficiency.

Thank you for help.

What’s your Internet service provider and speed?

I have Verizon.

Also, I dont have many devices running on the network. Mabye 4 at the most. Usually 2 wireless and always 2 hardwired.

You need better upload speed really to run it with more players.

Strongly agree here. The upload speed isn’t very good for servers, especially when new players arrive and they have to download the files.

So, what can I do? Should I switch providers or go VPN?

A VPN won’t do anything but increase latency

Or just rent a dedicated server, that usually works :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, it slows it down a bit too because of the encryption

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Well what are my options then? I want to get my server more professional.

You’re not likely to find a residential ISP with fast enough speeds for what you’re doing. Your best (and honestly probably only) option is to rent a dedicated server in a datacenter or a VPS. I suggest Linode if you’re looking for a Linux server.

Not to start a VPS discussion but Linode has a wonderful reputation for nullrouting you as soon as a DDoS appears and for using old hardware.

Well, that sucks. I bought this kickass server for nothing. Thank you all sincerely for your help, I really do appreciate it. I am going to continue hosting though, my server is ranked almost at the top for sandbox servers! :rolleyes:

If you indeed have a server (as in a 1U, 2U, etc.) you can collocate it to a datacenter and pay not too much a month to get around 50-100 Mbps upload and possibly symmetric. I pay 66 a month for that right now.

No, he bought a 5U server.
That’d cost you quite a bit more for co-location.

Does depend on who you want colo from, and where you want it.

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