What's the average FPS you guys have been getting?

I’m curious to know how well the unity engine can hold up esp when it’s using a .net language like C#.

GTX 580, i5 2500k
constant 60 FPS (vsync)

that system will eat up anything, lol.

GTX 560Ti, i5 2500k
also constant 60 FPS with v-sync.

I get ~50-60 FPS average.



i get like 10fps

Hehe, yeah it’s 2-3 years old now but it can play anything out there. Not a lot has changed peformance-wise except for GPU’s.

GTX 660M (2GB GDDR5, not the 1GB) i7-3610QM (8 cores)
60 FPS with vsync
Max settings.

Have yet to try it on my desktop. Will post specifications once I do.

GTX 670 2GB, i5 2500k


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Lots of foundations fucks up my framerate, though.

GTX 660 OC - i5 3570k


XFX 6950 2GB

50-60fps at day, 30-50fps at night on default settings

GTX 560 OC, quad core i5 2500 @ 3.3ghz and getting 60 FPS constant even when recording with Fraps.

EDIT: Also have 12gig of DDR3 RAM! :v:

laptop with an i5 and geforce gt 630m- 25-30 usually but drops to like 5 every once in a while

25-60 GTX 670 2600k

I get 15 fps, max I get is 30-40 when looking at a certain direction,I blame it on the game not being optimized,but I also need a upgrade of my system.

GTX 580, i5-3570k
Constant 60fps on highest settings (or at least what looks like highest settings)

GeForce GTX 550 Ti


HD5750 Vapor-X, Athlon II 640

When I did play ( about a week ago ) It was very smooth, at least 50 fps. Though there was a godawful stutter at random moments.

60FPS+ Fantastic setting
8gb DDR3
2.5GHz i5-3210M
nVidia GT 630m
Yes this is a laptop :confused:

Last time I played I was getting around 35-40
8Gb of Ram