What's the best category to post GMOD screenshots under on DeviantArt?

So I’ve been posting a couple of GMOD screenshots and concept shots for my crossover comic, “WarZone: EARTH” on my DeviantArt page, and to be frank, NONE of them have been viewed much. People here have seen them, since I link the pages to these screenshots, should they wish to comment on them, but apart from them, none of my GMOD screens have gotten over 100 views. I posted another today, but this screenshot only has 13 views so far.

What’s the best category to use when I upload GMOD screenshots?

If you haven’t seen any of my photos yet, then you can view my DeviantArt page here.

I dont think it matters what category, rather it matters the amount of tags, as those are what causes the picture to show up in search results, and result in views.

If so, then what kinda tags should I include?

If you want to get attention, look up Gmod communities and groups there and join them. That way when you add stuff to a group, every member there will see it.

I suggest GmodMagic and Gmodders.

OK then, I’ll try it out.

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Looking at those examples, I think I’m going to improve my posing a bit before I even think about joining a group. I don’t think I’m experienced enough to join one yet…

Yeah, it looks like you don’t use post-processing. Try those out.

I usually choose the category:

Fan Art / Digital Art / 3-Dimensional Art / Games

This one is the correct one, according to what I’ve been told.

These are some popular ones


There’s also some for poses of certain games, and ponu’s if you want that, just search for gmod in the search group.

Seems like I have to send a request to join a group. I’m worried that I might get rejected. As you can see, my pictures can be considered “below par”, so I’m staying away from groups until I improve.

Don’t worry about being rejected. I joined a group when most of my work could be considered crap, and believe me, your work is pretty damn good for beginner work. The more you apply yourself, the more you’ll improve.