Whats the best FREE video editing software?

Hey guys I’m thinking of working on some machinima concept, but here’s my issue at hand… I don’t have any clue what’s a good video editing software. I did try doing some research, but a lot of the stuff just covers it self in gold glitter…

I’m here to ask what is a good video editing software which is free.

I’ll most likely be needing some basic things like green screens, and otherwise…

Oh! It also has to be somewhat user friendly!

The good crap is at Sony Vegas and other pay stuff

The only FREE I can suggest it trails. Other than that you can buy it or pirate it soo.

Up to you really

Eh… I guess I’ll just save some cash, and buy Vegas.

I’m almost sure Windows Movie Maker has community-made addons that allow for somewhat basic greenscreening and such

pirated sony vegas platinum 9

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Windows Movie maker should do the job. Its not the best one but it works.

Windows Movie Maker is great for simple editing

WMM doesn’t have green screening.

There’s community addons for that sort of thing.

I’ve seen it done. You can greenscreen in WMM.

Seconded. Google it.

I would say though, you should give him another chance mods, he is very new.

New or not he still pirated.

(Too late anyway)

I’m sure there is some third party editing software that you can find for free that will work just as well. I dont like WMM personally due to the lack of depth when it comes to editing clips.

I just tested out a new editor, its a lot like WMM, but it has alot more effects. And its a LITTLE bit more complicated (specially when it comes to texts) Not sure if its free. I have a free version, but it smacks a huge logo in the middle of my clips. <Shrug>


Yeah… its not free. $60 to register (to get rid of the logo) forever. About $39 to register for a year. But you don’t have to pay unless you don’t want the ANNOYING FREAKING LOGO! I definently aint payin’ them no money for an average video editor. I’d stick to WMM if you just want to make normal youtube clips, without no special fancy effects.

I found this one, forgot what it was called. It’s free, slightly more flexible than WMM, but when previewing a video it’s realy choppy and black screen flash on and off. Not sure how the uploaded video turns out though.

With $60 you may as well get one of the lower versions of sony vegas, (like this one for instance: http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/moviestudiohd )

I am ALSO looking for a good fre video editor, seeing as how that crappy one wasn’t much use.

You can’t get much out of a free editing program. Just save up a bit and get vegas.

Really, all I need is something that can use AVIs, add fades, good credits, and titles. My movie maker won’t take AVI’s. It just crashes when I try to import one.