whats the best source game for garrys mod?

sorry if this thread is a repeat i know its a matter of opinion

Half-Life 2.

Counter-Strike Source.


All of em…

It would depend on what you are doing.
HL2 is basically a neccesity for building and CSS is vital for most servers as its content is widely used.
However if you could “acquire” the GCF’s for them both you could extract materials and use them that way,much easierand cheaper IMO.

Ep2 + Css is the most necessary for maps and addons

GMod+CS:S and Orange Box.

Lost coast all the way

If you have CSS/DODS/TF2, In garrys mod you automatically have all the Half life 2 content except the maps.

Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it?

Also 50% of the maps rely on Counter Strike source textures and models. While DODS or TF2 is only rarely used.

And lots of the guns in gamemodes :TTT, most zombie ones, etc…) use CSS guns

Start off with CS:S, and if you get money later on buy EP2/EP1

CS:S. Even though I don’t have it, I have Portal and Team Fortress 2, the best ones for making machinima.

CS:S. I feel safe in saying that 1/4 of all Gmod addons use something from CS:S. A lot of servers also use this content as well. So if you’re looking for the best experience with only one game, go with CS:S.

Spider-man: Source

Between this and your avatar, I lol’d.

So, I just bought the TF2/GMOD package. I’m screwed, correct?

No you’ll just see a clusterfuck of error models

Only on servers and maps using content from other games.

Just buy CSS its cheap as chips compared to new fps’