What's the best thing about Gmod?

I would like to know what everyone likes about it. Please refrain from saying what you don’t like.


I love gmod :dance:

it ruined my life and made me get a better life in the end.

ty garry


i spent 2,775 hours on gmod :unimpressed:

Garry stole 6.7k hours of my life that I’ll never get back

Bought the game because a friend wanted to do some bullshit in the game.

Now I’ve played 8.5k hours, do 3d modelling, programming, and am a huge fan of tanks (thanks ACF).

About 3 years ago Garry’s Mod is what got me into scripting and programming in languages. I think that such a game that allows such levels of creativity by individuals is a good thing.

The disconnect button

The variety of shit you can do

Lua took out some of the boredom I had, and got me into coding in general.

I’ve also met some great people and made alot more friends.

Bad day?

pony player models

It’s not opposite day.

ur right it ain’t

Please, we all know the diaper pony player models are superior.

i have been bested

all the pony roleplay servers, haha.

he said best not worst

for me it’s the memories

nude alyx mods