Whats the best thing you can find on Gmod.org?

ill start http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=76551

And this:




agreed. that is the one and only addon i would honestly say everyone should have


no smartsnap still is cause everyone builds at least once. not all people rp even once


You know this is good.



:downsbravo: :downsbravo:

Well, look. A swep that presses use + sprint for you.

umm wut?

If you press the sprint key and the use key together while holding a prop (on standard keys, it’s shift + e), it auto snaps the prop. Exactly what that stool does.

…I’m going to go try that now

Nope. its nothing like smartsnap. doesn’t even have the grid

A grid serves absolutely no purpose. If you have a good eye and patience like I do, then that smart snap tool is as useful as a brick in a pig trough.