Whats the best time you've ever had on an RP server?

RP can be complete and utter shit when minges and retarded admins are on, but it can be godly fun if done right. I’ll just start my story.

I was a gun dealer, and I was having a great time at the Pawn Shop in RP_Downtownv2, and I had a pass from the mayor to sell shotguns and automatics (no sniper rifles however) to the public legally. I was also secretly overdosed on weed (I was behind a solid wall so customers couldn’t see my HP), and I had 3K health. So then, right after I sell some Dual Elites, a mobboss busts down the door and I look through to see his gang! They’re all armed with AK47’s (Which were the only illegal automatic) and M4 shotguns, and there were about 4 gangsters. So, I told them to come right in and take whatever they needed. When they were all looting my collection of grenades (I only got $80 per each, I didn’t care about 'em) I took my knife that I secretly had, knifed the mook in the back (who died without a scream, knives are silent killers) and I pick up his AK47 and proceed to shoot the other 3 gangsters in the head. The mobboss whips around and tries to shoot me in the face with a Desert Eagle, but he fails, so he switches to a M4 shotgun. I pick up one of the M4’s that a gangster I killed dropped and shot him in the head, but get this - he had 2K hp and I only reduced him to 1900. I continued until he was down to about 200, but he was a crack shot with his shotgun so I got down to 50 HP. I beg for mercy and I drop my guns at his feet, knowing it was over - when suddenly - I hear a deafening BANG outside, and the door falls over. “Oh god, more gangst-” The mobboss dropped dead at my feet. A citizen had seen the chaos and called in a SWAT group! The SWAT called in a medic to heal me up, and I continued my thriving business with no loss except a bunch of health and 6 grenades. Woohoo.

What can I tell you,

I got kidnapped in perp by five gangsters, but i had a shotgun in my inventeri. They all got ak47, and locked me and another guy inside a room with only one exit and a bed. Luckely they forgot to tie me, so i quickly run up behind the bed, as soon as they left the room. I wispered to the other guy that i had a shotgun and untied him. The kidnappers wannet 10 k as payment. I told them that i would give them the money, so they sent one in. At first he couldn’t see me (becouse i hidded behind the bed), then:
“he got a shotgun, he got a fucking shotgun!” then i blew his head of in one shot. They closed the door when he entered so I had to tell them that I wouldn’t shoot them when they entered again. I didn’t but I ran past them without getting stopped, and ran up at the second floor. There I took my shotgun again. I Got in position and saw one of them comming up from the stairs with a m4a1. I shot him, but got hit’d and where down at 20 health. I saw that the other guy had managed to escape, trough a window. I ran downstairs again and killed one more, but got knocked out. Luckely the other guy called 911 and both swat and cops came and finished them. I got revived by some medics but where later burned to death in a car exident…

** Or **

On a darkrp server with no admin on it, a mingebag arived and started propkilling everyone!
I where cop so I tried to kill him, but didn’t work of couse… He spammed everywhere, but I made it to a safe place… There I build a mini fort and told all newly joined that they should hury up to the refugee center (as we called it). After a half hour It were the only place where you had changes for survival… The mingebag had trapped us inside the place, but we cooperated and survived the “crisis” (as it still is called today). After some hours the mingebag left and everything turned back to normal, until he rejoined… Everything repeated for seven hours, but at last he got permbanned… I still have the feeling that I am the main character in the server war series! Epic!

I realy don’t know, but I guess when me and some guys in a Perp 1 server went fighting against a fire for at least 2 hours. It was hell, but epic tho.

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My best moment on an RP server?

Doesn’t your “Red Dragon” community run a DarkRP server?

Anyway, the best experience I’ve ever had on a RP server? That would be back in Next-Gen’s HL2 RP server, where I had gathered a bunch of citizens to flee City 45 on foot. We did a lot of things to get past checkpoints and such, and I remember that just as the doors to the subway train was closing, two CP’s came running in and started shooting at us. The doors closed just in time.
It was a long time ago, but it was a great experience for me. A lot of more shit happened, but I can’t really remember half of it.

You forgot Exos Jocken :v:

When an attempt on my life as Mayor was actually RPed out, and not some 12 year old who shoved a m249 up his anus.

It was a normal day I passed some law governing sales of guns or something, when I got some visitors upset at the previous mayors banning of Alcohol. So I let them come up to my suite, but they had a traitor among them, who ratted out their plan, so me and my 2 guards fled as soon as we could, but our route wasn’t looking good. So I manage to invite the invaders into a room, to talk about the situation, but it was merely a trap, one of my guards locked the door as they entered. We reached the car I had bought, and not even 10 seconds later, we are hit by a PIT maneuver, our driver gets killed, My guardsmen kills their top shot, and we hide out at a random citizen’s home, when theguard forgot to park our car in the garage, and the remaining thugs managed to kill my guard, and just when I thought they were going to kill me, they asked me nicely to overthrow the No Alcohol law. And I did. And when I went back to the server a few days later, the guy who shoved a gun in my face and made me legalize alcolhol died in a drunk driving accident. That was the only time I have ever been able to Roleplay on a server, and people joined in.

I don’t count that as roleplay.

I think you have mistaken me for somebody else.

i drew penises on people’s shops with the rope tool. good times.

I lockpicked a door and found tons of gun boxes :smiley:

Successful drug lab, that got raided in really cool way, i was using the massive yellow warehouse on downtown_v2, me and my friend were making tons of durgz, then all of a sudden the doors exploded open and we had like 12 police officers come in and try to arrest us… they only saw me so they all cornered me, they diddnt see me friend with the AK47 and he mowed them all down in 1 clip so we layed low and made more durgz

Right before I started working on DarkRP this guy called Jiggu had a server. Jiggu loved it when I prop killed everyone, so I did. It was great fun.

I don’t do that anymore nowadays, I kind of stopped since I started working on DarkRP. Nowadays I’m the anti-minge. A master in prop killing that is on the good side. Still the joy of prop killing but also the joy of helping servers that don’t have an admin online.

Also prop surfing, if there are no admins or no other admins than me I tell everyone they can prop surf. It’s fun to see them fly around the map. Everyone secretly likes prop surfing, that’s why I hate it when it’s not allowed.

Then your mother called you for dinner?

I enjoyed a cakescript game once, RobynsValley, i owned a shop, nicely overpriced everyone. A few people were doing their own thing, a big factory company with armed guards was up the road and I was the only vendor. I became nice and rich and it was strangely fun considering I never used to like RP.

I was playing experiment 4 and this Guy clown tried raiding me, we fight back over power him and stole his expensive wep, we would have gotten his suit but he DC/d to avoid rp. Idk why buy it was fun making him mad.

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