What's the best way of learning scales?

I’ve had hammer for quite a while now, but i ever actually took my time and learn scaling properly.

Now i want to learn it though, so what’s the best way of learning?

I am using dev textures, but that’s the only thing i really do when trying to scale properly.

Help me :3

Use a player start as a rough guide. Make sure everything is in proportion to everything else.

I’ve learned it from mistakes. (trust me, they have been BIG ones)

Everyone has big mistakes. And the smarter people learn from them.

Best to keep dimensions in powers of 2 or divisible by 2.

That’s not really “best”. It doesn’t change much.

Well, the best way would be not standing on them, you’ll break them :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but seriously, if 0.75 = 1 hammer unit then just measure things around your house for scalling, it’ll be much easier to get used to it.

One unit is one inch in hammer, not 0.75. If this was true, you would see huge rounded decimal numbers when it calculated how many feet cubed the level was.

The world isn’t scaled, the models are.

The models aren’t even scaled. It’s just that XSI uses a different scale to regular programs. I export 1:1 models from 3dsmax all the time without rescaling them to fit into hammer correctly.

Um, no.

Map Grid Units: quick reference

Map Grid    Imperial    Metric

     1  =   0.75"   =   0.01905 
     2  =   1.5"    =   0.04
     4  =   3"      =   0.08
     8  =   6"      =   0.15 
    16  =   1'      =   0.3 
    32  =   2'      =   0.6
    64  =   4'      =   1.2 
   128  =   8'      =   2.4
  (160  =  10'      =   3.0)
   256  =  16'      =   4.9
   512  =  32'      =   9.8

Player Collision Hull
    32  =  2' 0"    width & length
    36  =  2' 3"    height crouching
    72  =  4' 6"    height standing

Player Eyelevel
    28  =  1' 9"    height crouching
    64  =  4' 0"    height standing

   128  =  8' 0"    normal corridor height
    64  =  4' 0"    normal corridor width
   108  =  6' 9"    normal door height
    48  =  3' 6"    normal door width

And, no one uses odd numbers for their brushes, so that isn’t possible.

Where did you find that? Because chances are it is just another mapping wives tale. As Gigabite and me have said, it is 1:1 hammer units to inches.
FoV is the only reason you think it is different.

It’s from the Valve Developer Community wiki.

Exactly, so I’d concider re-learning your scalling guys. I think valve know what they’re talking about.

Be aware that the dimensions are bigger if you’re mapping for L4D.

I’m pretty sure that the community uploaded that page to the wiki.

I’m pretty sure that if it were wrong, valve would have fixed it.

That’s if Valve’s engine developers/mappers go on the wiki…

Yes, I’m sure that they would consult a community wiki when they are being payed to develop games for the engine they made.

Actually, you would be surprised.