What's the best way to have fun online in GMod?

I’ve had Garry’s Mod for a couple of months now. I use it often to make YouTube machinimas, but I never really enjoyed playing online, mainly due to what I believe is a lack of decent servers. I’ll usually just go on a random server that I pick out of the “Find Servers” list, and I guarantee you 90% of the time I’ll join some server with:

a. Several prop-throwing douchebags.
b. A bunch of internet trolls.
c. An admin who doesn’t care/is too young to care.
d. All of the above.

To put it simply, most GMod servers I find are shit. How can I find an actually DECENT server that anyone can enjoy?

Best bet is probably larger community servers, not that I have any experience with most of those as I keep myself to a single server/community most of the time.


GarryWare, Fretta gamemodes, some Zombie Survival servers, STAY AWAY FROM BUILD AND RP SERVERS, and possibly spacebuild (I’ve never tried it myself).

Yeah, only do sandbox and RP when with friends and friends of friends.
That’s when it’s actually fun.

You gotta server hop man. Try some out.

I got really lucky by finding gems really fast.

DarkRP can be alot of fun if it’s serious and if there is no assholes stealing your stuff etc.

Prophunt is fun, you either spawn as a guard or prop. As a prop you have to disguise as a prop (press E on any prop on the map to become that prop) and hide. The guards have to hunt you down, each shot costs 5-10 hp (so the guards dont spam nades all over the place).

Dodgeball can be fun too.

My suggestion is to find a commnity that has active, mature admins. Or you can host your own server, be admin and make a community yourself with your friends.


I suggest not typing there unless you know what’s going on.

Sandbox is where it’s at. connect to random sandbox servers till you find one you like, usually one where there is actual building going on.

Minging, you can do it on any server and it’s fun.

If you find a good server and like the gamemode you should try Garrys Mod Survival

Spacebuild is good.
I don’t like the idea of ZS.
RP has a good server in every 100.
Build is fine if there is noclip and no anti-noclip.

I tend to make cool E2’s on SAS spacebuild server #1.

Hahaha being a mingebag in RP reminds me of ‘‘Destroyng Johnsonn’s RP life’’ :smiley: