What's the best way to model properly?

Hi guys, i would like some help with attachments.

I’ve been trying to compile a model i made, but as a vehicle using this “tutorial”: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Vehicles_(modeling)

But i’m unsure about a point, in his example he wrote “Dummy04” i’m guessing i should replace that with my wheel, as i want attached.

But when i type like, models/wheel.mdl the compiler, tells me that the file doesn’t exist…

I been with this problem for 5 hours now, trying to find a fix.

I think that with the “Dummy04” he’s referencing the bone attached to the wheel or the phys model

Yeah it is, but i don’t know what i should write:/ I made my wheel as a seperate model, in a mdl file, but what should i write:/? Of course i tried models/mywheel.mdl and also wheel.smd.

I’m totally lost here, and there is NO tutorial anywhere:(

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To sum it up, i made a vehicle in .smd file, i made some wheels in a .smd file, i want to know how you add these wheels into the finished prop!:slight_smile:

Can you copy and paste your qc file please?

I only have the normal qc file for making a normal model, i tried using the vehicle cq file from the wiki, but it failed terrible.


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Can i add you on steam or skype, if you want to help me!:slight_smile:
I will love you forever if you can help me fix this:)