What's the best way to send an angpos table all the time?

Yeah that’s probably a bad idea, so new question: What’s the best way to send an integer every 0.01 second or so?

setup hitboxes on the model

Primary Attack is shared, so just check it client side. You’re not giving any reason why it should do anything server side.

Well, it’s a sword. I want to do more dynamic melee attacks, so I’m using JetBoom’s animations API.
Trouble is, the server doesn’t get the updated bone positions from BuildBonePositions, and any swinging of said sword is purely cosmetic.

I want to send the angles/position of the hand bone or the sword to the server, so I can do a trace from that for damage. (terribad idea I know, buuuuutt eh.)

Letting the client tell the server where the sword is? that can only end badly

Yeah yeah…
It’ll mostly be singleplayer anyway… Unless there’s another way to get where the sword is without opening it to badness?

You’ll want to define a function server side that sets up a trace and then tell the client to call a umsg or concommand to call that function. You can search on the forums of how to set up a trace for swords.

That thing is pretty much completely client-side. You could go ahead and make a server-side version that doesn’t actually set the bone positions but calculates where the bones would be.

How reliable would that actually be, seeing as the server won’t know where the bones have ended up…

Better than umsg spam I guess, thanks.