What's the best way?

What’s the best way to light up a big, open area? which isn’t outside.

It shouldn’t be undetailed, and it shouldn’t be poorly lighted either.

I’ve been trying some different stuff, nothing good tho


I lol’d.

Does this big indoor area have windows? If not, then consider using light bulbs hanging from the ceiling (and “light” entity) or having lamp props or something depending on your theme of the map.

The theme is combine ish.

There’s no windows, and light bulbs doesn’t really fit into a combine theme, or…?

Find some of the combine light props, set them up in corners and stuff pointing away from the wall, and use a light_spot to simulate the light coming from them. There is something on the valve wiki about what colour combine lights are, search for it.

I did what you said, thanks. It looks ok now, i’ll improve it.