What's the biggest texture the Source engine will support?

I need to use a texture that will be around 2500 x 2500

Is this possible?

As long as its a power of 2

Yep, should be fine i’m sure.

Source supports up to 4096x4096, but you’ll really never need a texture that large or larger. You probably want to round down to 2048x2048.

I’ve seen people get 4096x4096, but I’m not sure Source actually renders it.

That’s up to debate, but seeing as you never get really close enough to models to need that amount of detail, 2048 is the max you should ever use.

FakeFactory’s pack uses 4096X4096 textures. Yes, they are awesomely detailed, but those textures take forever and a day to load, so your loadtimes will skyrocket.

Stick to 2048X2048.

The thing I don’t get with larger textures, is that at nearly all the time the texture will be viewed smaller than it’s original size, therefore you’ll never really get the full detail, plus the renderer uses a filter when a texture is smaller or larger than it’s original size, so it’s further messed up beyond your control.

I just think that 4096x4096 textures just look grainy and horrible, and to be honest I don’t see that ever changing.

I think 4096x4096 can have some rendering issues on older cards too.

well yes

this is why fakefactory is an idiot

Stick to 1024x1024 x2

Loads faster than 1x 2048x2048.

Even then, 2048 is large compared to most valve textures.

To date, the largest texture I have made was a 6 sided 2048x2048 envmap texture.