What's the deal with the map name character limit?

I finally managed to get my map uploaded last night only to find that it’s name was too long by one character, I can’t help but ask is this limit really needed? The limit is stopping me from releasing my map in my normal increments (_b1, _b2, etc.) 20 characters seems a bit harsh, really.

Or is the limit not meant to be there at all and is this some sort of bug?

The map name doesn’t have to be in the ‘name’ anymore. You put it in the dataname and it still works.

dataname is the field right after Name in the details in the editor.

Are you sure? I’ve got everything set up correctly according to what you said (I think) but it still won’t let me set the map to Live from Workshop.




If I click the Live radio box on Status it just goes back to workshop when I click update status.

I have fucked up there, let me change that

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Ok, try now :slight_smile:

Still switching me back to Workshop when I hit Live :saddowns:

With what error?

No error (apart from the one I posted before), it just switches back to the old radio box.

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I just deleted the old version of the cloudscript and re-made it to see if that would change anything, no dice.

My fault - I was changing the files on the wrong server - give it a go now !

That’s got it! Thanks matey :slight_smile: