What's the default server cfg for linux dedi server?

How does the default cfg for a linux dedi server look like? For some reason my cfg files are empty except a couple but I need the default server cfg atm. ** NOT THE CSS ONE!**

server.cfg is empty by default. What are you looking for specifically?

Thanks for a reply! Anyways I need to change the hostname, rcon pass of course and the IP

Here’s a list that might help.

Here’s an example of mine. It’ll leave your server more secure than the majority :v:

I’d recommend keeping rcon disabled. If you do wish to enable it, do it in your server’s command line parameters (+rcon_password “password here”) so that if anybody manages to download your config it won’t be exposed.
If there are any other console variables you want to change, just chuck them in this config (should you use it).

hostname "My Server Name!"
sv_password ""
sv_downloadurl "http://hostname/path"
gamemode "sandbox"

sv_lan 0
sv_region 255

// Halt a shit tonne of Source Engine exploits
// This will break sprays
// If you do not have a FastDL server, sv_allowdownload must be set to 1
sv_allowupload 0
sv_allowdownload 0

// Disable rcon
// Alternatively set your rcon password in your server's command-line parameters and remove this line
rcon_password ""

// Stop any pesky console command exploits changing these values
// These exploits exist and have been used
alias sv_allowupload
alias sv_allowdownload
alias rcon_password

I was reading that but can you give me a cfg with the rcon and bad stuff disabled? I don’t have FastDL. I know how to disbale that but curious since I don’t want any command exploits.

That is the config with “rcon and bad stuff disabled”.

Sadly, if you don’t use FastDL and want to send content directly from your server you must set sv_allowdownload to 1. In the past this has left servers vulnerable to their config files being downloaded.
That shouldn’t be a problem with rcon disabled and not defined in any config files though.

Just remove the line setting sv_downloadurl and set sv_allowdownload to 1 and it should be good I suppose.

Am I suppose to leave the rcon password blank?

That will disable rcon.

Okay so this is an example of the finished config. http://pastebin.com/D9VmcUJp

Look fine?

I’d suggest you set sv_allowupload to 0, because there is a known exploit specifically related to that about right now.
Other than that it appears good, supposing you will be changing the hostname.

What if I wanted to change the IP since I have a dedicated server with 6 IPs that can be used and I already have a Murder server on one of the IPs I use :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if it is possible from a config file as I’ve always defined the IP address to use in the server’s startup parameters.

+ip x.x.x.x

Good enough. Thanks for the help man! <3 I might PM you if I want further help but so far, thank you!