What's the difference between GMod 10,11, and 12?

I mean, is there anything really different? Models? NPCs? And are they more advanced than 10?

GMod 10 is the version you own
GMod 11 is an update of 10 that happened when GMod got on the ep2 engine afaik
GMod 12 is the current update of 10, and happened when GMod got on the tf2 engine
GMod 13 is the upcoming update of 10 which is an overhaul of a lot of things

Each version is relatively huge compared to normal updates.

And on another note, how could I get 12? (I’m running Winderps)

If your keeping gmod updated, you should have it.

you already have it.

EDIT: Oh, /facepalm hes not a pirate…


the current gmod version is 12.

The current verison of Garry’s Mod is Garry’s Mod. Since its on steam. (Its really Update 12.)

Hes not a pirate.

Thanks guys.

Also, btw themaw,


You mean Garry’s Mod 12?

no, Garry’s Mod


Just because it doesn’t say 12 at the end doesn’t mean it isn’t the twelfth version.

-straight from Garry and his blog themselves.

The actual version is 12, yeah, but it’s just called Garry’s Mod.

Would you care explaining to me how that’s dumb then?

I love how you’re all butthurt so you rated the post dumb.

Doesn’t know the meaning of butthurt.

Are you butthurt too? Thank you for proving my point.