Whats the difference?

Very quick question thats probably really stupid but what is the difference between a prop worldmodel and a weapon worldmodel and how does one make a prop worldmodel into a weapon worldmodel? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Are you sure you’re not trying to compare world models to view models?
Props are just that, props. They have collision with the world and other objects, and can be moved around and frozen with the physgun.
Weapon world models are exactly the same as props, but don’t necessarily need collision models. They typically have one bone named “weapon” which dictates where the player’s hands are in 3rd person go to hold the weapon properly.
If you’re actually asking about view models, those are usually higher quality than world models, they don’t have collision, and typically have many bones and have their own animations which only the player wielding the weapon can see.

No i was talking about worldmodels, i might have put my question a bit misleading, the point i wanted to come to was how do i make a prop usable as a weapon, with the animations and that stuff? Because right now its frozen in the air beside me i searched on google and didn’t find anything i manged to understand

A prop is a prop. A static object. If you wanted to make a weapon you need to compile it as a viewmodel with animations and script it.

Anywhere you know of a tutorial for this?