Whats the disadvantages having CS lua enabled on Sandbox?

Hello, i recently had a discussion with some guys on a server, about clientsided lua.
For me, its useful, because i got a shortcut and 3d helping script for Building stuff.
On any other Gamemode than sandbox, its a good thing to disable cs lua. But on Sandbox?

A guy called, lets say Bob, he is Developer on the Server im playing on. He said stuff like
“… we wont enable cs lua because…”
“Give yourself owner rank , ban all people”
“Rewrite server.config”

Well, is this partially true? As long the Server-side addons arent badly Coded without proper Checks, there shouldnt be security problem having cs lua enabled?
Theres still the cvar3 method, which is unsafe and could cause a ban.

What you guys think?

Unless, as you say, you have badly coded addons without proper checks, then the worst people can do is aimbot/esp/spam flashlight but on a sandbox server it doesn’t really matter.

CS Lua being disabled only stops skids that can’t be arsed to work around it.

Outside of the blindingly obvious “lel aimbot”, people can’t do much to the server with cs lua enabled, unless your addons are so shit that people find a way to exploit those and fuck with the server.

In that case I’d blame the developer of the addon(s) and not the CS Lua protection.

Having cslua enabled is like a shitty deadbolt, it only keeps the lazy from hacking anyway. If you enabled it then you allow players to write/use custom scripts to aid them with building ect.; but you’ll also encounter more hacks. If your sandbox server is not one of those hybrid DM / Build servers then having it enabled wont hurt since no-one can die.

Having it disabled on a sandbox server is far more annoying than anything a “hacker” would do anyway.