What's the dumbest reason you were banned for? V2 -> 2010 Edition

Requested a lock on the old thread if anyone was wondering.

Rules of the thread:

-No obvious reasons (“I got banned for hacking :confused:”)
-No troll reasons (“I spammed lots of props n got bannd wtf??/?”)
-No rascist reasons. (“I called the admin a niggah and he banned me :frown:”)
-Common sense, please.
-No “I’ve never been banned” comments (+1 rule added by X6ZioN6X)

What the thread is for:

-Dumb reasons (“I was saying hi and such, and then I got banned. What the hell?”)
-Strange reasons (“I was making a small 2x4 prop with wheels, and proceeded to follow one of the rules by not making it a steam-sounding thruster (annoyingly loud thruster), but in doing so, the admin banned me for not following his rules even though I was.”)

If you want you can include the server’s IP.

I asked how do you open console.
I got what I deserved.

Also I got banned for shooting a prop spammer in the head with a sniper I bought in an RP server.
Found out the prop spammer was an admin.
I hate Rp servers

I said Avaster in a server and got perma banned. Reason, Threating to take down the server. WTF?

I spawned a pet (with the Spacetech’s Pet Mod) and the admin banned me for, “Hacks.”

P.S. You forgot to put in the rules, “Don’t say I’ve never been banned.”

I joined a server and then was instantly banned.

Didnt have a reason.

I have several, by the same admin.

Building a plane. Admins Reason: Makes the server look ugly and cluttered. The admin was spamming bouncy balls, so he was doing just that.

Making a fort. Admins Reason: Forts are for minges.

Making a shooting gallery. Admins reason: One of the targets was a melon, and melons are, apparently, ‘sacred’.

I got so annoyed i carpet bombed the server with melons, causing a massive battle between players who liked the admin, and players who had seen me banned 3 times for no reason and felt sorry for me. I left. I have never seen that server again.

I have atleast ten from a old admin

Ban Number One: Spamming Sean is a faggot (thats his name)

Ban Number Two: making a house that had workable doors.

Ban Number Three: RDM by Sean’s friend, i fought back. Sean is 13 y/o adminge though.

Ban Number Four: Making a fort with a workable entrance.

Ban Number Five: Spawning UNBANNED props.

Ban Number Six: Wallhacks that i dont have.

Ban Number Seven: Aimbot that i didn’t have. (When two cops corner you in a alley with a mp5 its easy to get two headshots,especially if the alley is cramped like the one in rp down town.)

Ban Number Eight: I changed my RPNAME to Sean(1)
Ban Number Nine: I went Operator and starting permain’ing everyone. got banned 1337 minutes.
Ban Number Ten: I put a breen doll attached to a wire text billboard then set it on fire. Sean was always a breen model.

This is a dumb thread. Most posts will just be shitty unfunny ban reasons, or completely deserved bans.


Anyway, when I ran my own server, I would ban people for pissing me off, spawning E2s they didn’t make, and not building in general.

It’s not a dumb thread.

Plus, I asked for the old one to be locked so I could re-make it with some adjustments.

Hopefully the rules will be in order for a long time.

Joined server, spawned a pet, picked the egg up, it hatched and BAM “You have been banned, Reason: Pets are for gays”

Your doing it wrong!

It’s what dumbest reason you got banned for, not what dumbest reason you would ban for.


I’ve been banned because 5 years old child cried because I builded better than him. He banned me for reason: Stop mingebaging.


I banned myself, is that dumb enough a reason?

I went to a citizen. Asked for a banana.
Banned for the reason ‘.’
Also, one time, got banned for the reason ‘I HOPE YOU HAVE THAT ALYX & BREEN SETUP DUPED’
never figured out what that meant.

I picked up some money in a RP, got banned for having $1,000,000.

" E2 Dick "

I spawned a hologram that was Im Epic above me… He said it looked like a dick

Some 10 year old had admin, he said hello, i said hi, he said goodbye, BANZORED! havn’t played online since.

i can understand why but…
i had the mingebag virus so my name was stuck at mingebag.
i joined a server, asked what addons were installed, the admin started getting worried, i told him exactly about the virus, but he siad its too fishy…BAN


My friend said he was going to crash the server with an adv dupe he had, so I was like “Whatever.” So he did it and the admin automaticly blamed me because my ping was the highest. I was permabanned for “”, my friend was never touched, even after he admited he did it. -.-

My first one was in Gmod9, when I was just minding my own, then I spawn a Alyx model, then a Kliener, I forgot what I was going to re-create and what movie I was recreating it from, and then, BAN! For reason: “Making Kliener rape Alyx.” I rejoined, tried to explain, and banned again for reason: “Being a douchebag whore butthurt bitch.” I laughed. Then in Garrysmod 10, I was banned from a Zombie survival for “Aimbotting and retardedness.” Then, again, same server later,reason: for “Stealing Mr.Green’s name,” (Just a side note, Mr.Green wasn’t even playing as long as I have on STEAM.) and I was perma banned off the spot…I didn’t even stay in the server for 10 seconds.

I got banned for my steam avatar…

Reason: “4Chan Fag”

And I made the damn thing a long time ago too…


Also was banned for one of the groups I’m in

Reason: “Furry”

I’m not even a furry -.-
I’m not even a fag…